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Financial Planning Maintenance Program

The Palmer Group financial planner's mission is to help you with continual improvement and progression  towards meeting your financial goals.  Therefore, our financial planner offers our Financial Planning Maintenance Program to keep your financial plan up to date in a world of ever changing complexity with adjustments to tax laws, rule changes, politics, uncertain economic environment, life changes or volatile financial markets.   Our financial planner's maintenance program simplifies life’s complexities.   It is your guidance system alerting you to a wrong turn and helping you stay on the road to success.  This program will allow you to have greater control over your future and the program offers 4 levels of support:

Level 1: Comprehensive Quarterly Planning and Quarterly Monitoring allows our financial planner to monitor your progress while making proactive adjustments when warranted due to personal, financial and economic change.

Level 2: Comprehensive Annual Planning helps to keep you on track by reevaluating your financial plan and making adjustments as needed.  

Level 3: Investment Monitoring is preferred after the foundational plan has been mapped out, our financial planner reviews your investment asset allocations, helps you make adjustments in order to rebalance your investment portfolio and monitors life changes that may affect your financial situation.

Level 4: Periodic Check-up allows you to reevaluate your financial plan when you determine it is necessary.  Our financial planner will follow up with you on a periodic basis to see if we can be of assistance.  However, you must let us know when you desire our services.