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Planning Process

For dreams to become reality, you must take the time to plan strategically and seek professional advice. Not taking the time to plan is like neglecting to refuel your car because you are too busy driving. Eventually, you will run out of gas and find yourself in a "crisis." The mission of The Palmer Group is to provide personalized guidance in helping you and your family reach your financial goals. It is our objective to find out "where you are today," "where you want to go in the future" and "develop a plan" to efficiently get you there. To accomplish this, we utilize a Financial Planning system that can provide you greater control over your financial future.

Steps in our Financial Planning system:

  1. Client Organizer
  2. Goals Conversation
  3. Financial Data Review
  4. Custom Designed Financial Plan
  5. Financial Plan Verification
  6. Knowledge & Wisdom Transfer
  7. Financial Team Builder
  8. Financial Plan Implementation
  9. Financial Planning Maintenance Project