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What is so Special about The Palmer Group?

Hello, I am Jeff Palmer, the founder of The Palmer Group, welcome to the financial planning website. The Palmer Group's Financial Planner provides comprehensive financial planning services designed for “Business Owners,” “Physicians” and “Professionals.” Our financial planner's strengths are helping you build lasting wealth by creating a solid financial foundation by detecting your flaws and uncovering your hidden possibilities. Our financial planner will help you create a clear vision of your future while serving as your compass, determining priorities and evaluating whether a particular action will progress you towards your goal. I believe that “Excellence” is our measure there by helping you maximize your strengths, talents, knowledge, skill, and energy to accomplish your goals. With coaching, clients transform good plans into superb plans. I thrive on innovative ideas for the best ways to reach a goal, increase productivity or solve a problem. I endeavor not to leave your destiny to chance! I believe in being forthright and plainspoken and I’m committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty. By nature, the process will help you follow through on the completion of your plan. I want to continuously improve my client’s financial well being by learning new innovative ways of doing things. My team will monitor your progression through the financial planning maintenance program making timely adjustments that are implemented  with precision and accuracy.

Thank You for considering “The Palmer Group!"

Jeff Palmer
Financial Planner